Jamison Corner, Snohomish

Three Lakes Community Church, 6506 163rd Avenue SE, Snohomish

The Three Lake Community Church began as the Three Lakes Union Sunday School on Panther Lake Road in 1922. However, the name Jamison Corner refers to David W. Jamison (1869-1942) and his wife, Mary A. Jamison, who donated the 100–by-200-foot plot for the current location in 1939. Harold Longstreth was the pastor when the church moved; the interior of the church wasn’t completed for several years. The building was built with labor and materials donated by the congregation. Mr. Purvis made the shingles; meanwhile, the church women hosted bake sales and traded handmade quilts and rugs for money, nails, and windows. Mary Jamison was among the original signers of the church’s bylaws. (160)

(Additional research provided by Pastor Carl and Shirley Ulsky.)

(160) Wacksmith, John, “A Brief History of Three Lakes Community Church.” Circa 1997

Three Lakes Community Church (Hoogkamer, 2013)

Three Lakes Community Church (Hoogkamer, 2013)