Larimer’s Corner, Everett

Intersection of Lowell-Larimer Road and Seattle Hill Road, Everett

Larimer’s Corner is named for William Wilson Larimer. He was born in Indiana in 1839 and later moved to Iowa. In 1861, he enlisted in the Union Army’s Company I, of the First Nebraska Infantry, and fought in the Civil War with Ulysses S. Grant in battles along the Mississippi. William then returned to his farm in Iowa, until moving to Seattle in 1872. He worked as a carpenter for two years before homesteading in Snohomish County.

His wife, Amanda “Minnie” (Merwin) Larimer, was born in Ohio. She was educated and taught at schools in Ohio and Iowa. Amanda married William in 1867. Their only surviving child was Floyd M. Larimer, who was born on June 1, 1880. Floyd’s sister, Mary Maude, died in 1889 at age four. (22) Floyd was educated in Snohomish County and worked on the family farm with his father, who died in 1902. He became well- known as a successful farmer. In 1903, he married Pauline Bound. Pauline was the daughter of Joseph and Margaret Bound, who came from Wales in 1883. Floyd and Pauline had one son, William J., who was born on April 3, 1904. (23) Floyd owned 75 acres and the Anderson Plat book of 1910 shows that his mother, Amanda Larimer, had 120 acres in her name.

Floyd and Amanda’s son, William (Bill) J. Larimer, was married to Mona E. Bowman for 72 years, 29 of which they spent on the Larimer family farm. Mona was born on September 18, 1907 in New York, but moved to Snohomish when she was two years old. Her parents were Julia and Edgar Bowman. In 1926, the year after she graduated from Snohomish High School, Mona married her high school sweetheart, Bill Larimer. In 1956, they left Larimer’s Corner to live in Everett. Mona was known for her cooking, canning, and baking. She and Bill had two daughters: Shirley and Mary Jane. Bill died in 1998; Mona died on August 17, 2007. (24)

Today, Lowell-Larimer road, the area around Larimer’s Corner, is populated with many historic barns reminiscent of the successful farming community that once characterized the area. (25)

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  • Area around Larimer’s Corner (Hoogkamer, 2013)

    Area around Larimer’s Corner (Hoogkamer, 2013)

  • Mona E. Larimer (The Herald, 2007)

    Mona E. Larimer (The Herald, 2007)